8K Resolution Screenshots From Unreal Engine 4′s Tech Demos Are Amazing

 ‘K putt‘ has captured some amazing 8K resolution screenshots from the tech demos that are included in Unreal Engine 4.

Unreal Engine 4 already looks beautiful as it is, but when rendered at really high resolution, the end result is extraordinary.

Check out the images below (may take time to load):

13904440931_6ff2bdf644_o 13914127391_e2c805bc2c_o 13914194582_6b4cac3060_o 13914269736_1d8c7743d7_o 13927521415_3014d287fb_o 13928075024_6fb8284404_o 13928148335_e7612839c7_o 13928657664_1abd1122fb_o 13937244523_94874c3c3f_o 13937350865_0007bf23f7_o 13914018231_3134074b4b_o2

  • The_Mouth


  • Jake Law

    HOLY SHIT. The day console gamers can do this they can call themselves next gen.

    • Allister Alexzandor Adair

      PS4= subscription based PC.

  • grimo

    brace yourself Console gamers haters comment are coming !!

  • Johhny E

    Man, you PC gamers are some real douche bags. This is the third article on here in a row that the only comments are you girls talking bad about console gamers and how you are somehow superior because you spent more money on what you play games on. Damn, grow the hell up! Just because you spent an outrageous amount of money just to play games doesn’t make you or your preferences superior.

    • jubjub1114

      Actually, the PC platform is less expensive than the console platform overall. Sure, the initial cost of a console CAN be cheaper (You can build a PC just as powerful as the consoles for the same price), but in the long run you save a tremendous amount of money by not having to pay $60 a year for multiplayer access, and all the game sales that are offered on PC. 75% of the games I have on Steam I got for $10 or less, and I have never spent more than $30 on a PC game, and I have over 60 games on PC, many of which are AAA titles. I’m not here to bash you like the elitist “PC master race” guys are, I’m here to simply inform you of the truth.

      • tookieboy

        great! glad you enjoy your PC. we will go enjoy our consoles now.

  • KingLOL

    So this is 8K….impressive indeed but I will stick with my mid range PC, and consoles until I can afford such powerful “colors”