Analysts say Amazon Fire TV is a Half-Hearted Console

The new Amazon Fire TV console is being called a half-hearted effort by several analysts that GameIndustry International spoke to. They said it is being more focused on video streaming rather than actual video game playing.

The Fire TV micro-console has just been released yesterday, and has surprised a lot of people, despite the fact that Amazon was rumoured to enter this part of the industry for quite some time.

The micro-console is for people who don’t want to invest in expensive consoles but still want to enjoy video games and video content, and ultimately should be avoided by more hardcore gamers who shouldn’t even pay attention to it.

DFC Intelligence analyst David Cole said “The main focus of the box is streaming video. The issue is video is 1) a much bigger application than games and 2) much easier to do. It is clear games are at best currently a distant after thought for Amazon in terms of the Amazon box. The type of games they are looking at are more in the realm of tablet/mobile/casual products, which are really no substitute for what the dedicated consoles provide. So, I think right now it is a rounding error in the game industry but that could change if Amazon decides it wants to make a big investment in the space. However, the reality is you really have to very directly target gamers and Amazon right now is only half-heartedly doing that” .

The Fire TV has over a 100 games available already, but most of them are mobile titles like Minecraft Pocket Edition and their few exclusives, like Sev Zero, which requires a separate controller.

Billy Pidgeon speculates saying that Amazon is targeting rivals like Apple and Google and that Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo should have nothing to worry about for now.

“Apple and Google have been the main contenders for online media transactions, but Amazon has the motivation, the focus and the distribution to move Fire TV quickly into lead position. Apple has competition issues with media providers and Google is behind in online retail and user experience. Amazon’s entry into connected TV could energize the competition and speed household penetration,” he said.

Amazon has recently acquired Double Helix Games, and is probably striving to get more exclusives onto their platform. Amazon Fire TV is already selling for $99 in their large retailer in the U.S and it is unknown whether the product will be sold worldwide.

 Check out the Fire TV controller:

  • The Wolf 47

    It might actually be a good system for gaming.
    They have first party studio Double Helix and pretty decent specs for a 99$ “mobile” machine.
    The price is right. I do see this much more appealing than something like a Ouya who’s specs aren’t that good.

    • RanterBanter

      we all know that specs don’t matter, the hardware can be nice. But it’ll all come down to the software in the end right? Although, I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t look interesting.