Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants DLC Officially Released

Don’t Starve has officially launched their DLC expansion, Reign of Giants.

Don’t Starve is one of the more difficult take of the wilderness survival genre, where players have a single major goal in the game – don’t starve and don’t get killed against the creatures of the island.

The core gameplay offers a similar experience to DayZ, Rust and other survival games but with a completely different presentation and tone.

Their first DLC pack adds a lot of new items, characters, different kinds of festive foliage and new creatures. Reign of Giants DLC has been available on Steam Early Access since April, but is now officially released.

Don’t Starve is on a 66% discount from its original price, which comes to $5 and Reign of Giants DLC is also on a discount of 10%, total of $4.5 just for today.

PlayStation 4 version of the Reign of Giants DLC pack will be released later since Klei Entertainment is currently working on bringing it there.

Check out the expansion release trailer: