New IP Unveiling At E3 2014 By Guerrilla Games For PlayStation 4

Guerilla Games is known for the release of Killzone: Shadow Fall and is now working on a brand new IP for the PlayStation 4.

A well known insider, Tidux has shared some intriguing details about it.

Tidux first tweeted:

Then was asked whether it was a brand new IP he was talking about, his reply was “Yes, new IP”. He was asked about whether it will be announced at E3 2014 and he said “yes!”. He was further enquired on how the game looks and his reply was:

Guerilla Games has already stated that they have been working on the unannounced IP for over 2 years on PlayStation Japan, and now it is finally going to be announced.

Sony likes to hold information regarding content they will show at E3 2014, but thanks to the industry insiders, we can get some information on what to expect at their E3 conference.

Tidux has previously leaked information about the PlayStation 4 OS and UI accurately and has become a reliable source of leaking information before its official announcements, so we can expect this to be true and the reveal of a brand new game for the PlayStation 4 at E3 2014.

Guerilla Games on PlayStation Japan: