Watch Dogs Wont Start Without 6GB Ram+ On PC

Watch dogs debut starts next week and there are already a couple of leaks that have appeared online for the PS4 version.

Director Jonathan Morin confirmed that on the PC version, Watch Dogs wont even start with less than 6GB RAM and is going to be dependant on CPU rather than GPU during gameplay.

After he explained that his team focused more on dynamic game than pretty visuals, Jonathan Morin started talking about the performance on PC on Twitter.

When he was asked by a 4GB RAM user, he replied that the game should start and will be able to perform on low settings only if he had at least 6GB of RAM.

Morin also said that Watch Dogs isn’t that dependant on graphics cards, an Nvidia GTX 670 should be able to play it without any problems on Ultra settings. But, it will need a beefy processor so that it doesn’t encounter bottlenecking which will take the entire performance down.

As we come closer to the release on Watch Dogs, expect to hear more details for the performance on PC.

Check out the Watch Dogs 101 trailer:

  • Myroslav Vasiuta

    Bulls shit, I have 4GB of RAM and game is running on medium settings with some special effects turned on. My machine is ASUS K56CM with GT635m